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Free Photoshop Plugins

The plugin is an extension to a particular software (in our case, Photoshop) which is meant to simplify your workflow with the program or add more features to help you achieve different results. Luckily, Photoshop supports plugins and right now, when the visual content has totally taken over the web, it would be a sin not to take advantage of the amazing free plugins offered in this selection.

For each plugin, we’ve included a small review, who is it suitable for, and what version of Photoshop you would need in order to run it.

1. Ink Photoshop Plugin

The easiest way to provide the design specifications to developers

A free plugin which embeds design specifications (layer styles, measures, text formattings) right into the PSD.

  • Suitable for: Web designers, Front-end developers
  • Compatible with: Photoshop
  • Price: Free

Ink plugin for Photoshop is a very handy extension for web designers who work with developers. The plugin provides essential PSD document specifications with which developers can achieve pixel perfect front-end outputs instead of counting on approximate interpretations. Ink plugin gives developers valuable information about layer styles, measures, and text formatting – all of this neatly stored into one folder.


  • artboard support;
  • automatically measures layers’ dimensions – width and height;
  • provides info about text formatting: fonts name, style, size, leading, tracking, color;
  • provides info about layer styles: effects, shadows, solid and gradient fills, strokes;
  • stores information in one folder.

Texture Anarchy is a plugin that comes with 3 Photoshop filters, as follows: Texture Explorer,  Tiler Anarchy, and Edge Anarchy. These filters help you create seamless textures in various design styles: 2D, 3D, realistic, organic, and more. Thanks to math calculations, the plugin can create infinite textures with each filter providing a different kind of procedural texture.

Texture Explorer creates seamless procedural textures based on fractal noise. Tiler Anarchy creates textures based on the repetitive method. Edge Anarchy creates various border styles: textured, distressed, ornamental.


  • 3 Photoshop filters in the suite – Texture Explorer,  Tiler Anarchy, and Edge Anarchy;
  • generates any kind of 2D or 3D Photoshop textures;
  • textures based on fractal noise or repeated textures;
  • palettes for fractal noise, layers, lighting;
  • palettes for colors and gradients to generate different color combinations;
  • blend modes which control the interaction between patterns and colors.

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